Friday, August 19, 2011

Pointless Rambling

So if the whole point of a writing blog and using other social networks is to find people who read the kind of stuff you write I'm not doing very well.  And I think it would be creepy to go out and try to seek out kids, and how many kids really read blogs?  I used to mess around with xanga and myspace, but Facebook is the new thing. I don't think I would have any type of following with kids until after a Young Adult book of mine is published.  I have no clue how I would reach out to anyone beforehand.  Right now this blog just reaches out to other writers, because those are the only people who read this.  I don't feel like posting writing tips all the time, either.  I still don't know why I keep this blog but apparently you have to have one.  So here is a post from me. 


  1. Your posts make me smile Kim, and that's why *I* stop by to read :D Good luck with your YA novel ^_^

  2. You don't have to write about writing tips. Just tell us stuff that you think is neat. That'll do for now until you get more of a feel for what you really want to blog about. I'll stop by to read what you have to say whenever you say it. Just because. :D

  3. Well thanks you both made me happy! :-)