Saturday, August 13, 2011

My First Rewrite

I'm doing my first rewrite of a submitted article.  I am the one who came up with the idea for the rewrite and the editor said he was "intrigued", and I actually feel better about the fact that it was my suggestion to change it then if the editor had told me to himself.  I've been turning my mind inside out trying to figure out exactly how to create a broader discussion on Bullying and GLBT Suicide.  I think I've got it now. I just need to be less lazy in my interview process, which so far consists of me writing down questions and asking people to fill them out!

I'm also completing another article for my writing class, which I will also submit somewhere for publication.  I only have two more assignments to go after this!  My awesome friend Kristin Stewart has provided me information for this one, and yes, I am going to make a Twilight joke about her name.  (The article is humorous--  "Moms and Exercise:  Exploring the Myth.)

While I have had my main focus on paying publications, I think I might submit a couple things to some non-paying places.  Is this a horrible idea?  There is one I just heard of that seems like it would be an honor to submit to called Lesbian Connection, which apparently started sending out pamphlets in the mail decades ago in envelopes that were massively stapled shut for privacy.  Other than that, since I'm trying to rack up legitimate short fiction and non-fiction publication to impress an agent when I send out my book, should I even bother submitting to non-paying markets?


  1. Don't do it just to do it, but if you feel strongly about a publication, even if it's non-paying, I'd say go for it.