Friday, September 23, 2011

Kimistry of Adulthood

I've got the subject of bullying on my mind because of a project I just finished, and because of this week's suicide of 14-year old Jamey Rodemeyer.  I have one of my friends on my mind right now, too, he committed suicide in January.  I feel like there is something more I should be doing but I don't know what.

In high school I wrote a column for the school paper called Kimistry.  I guess maybe my blog should be an extention of that:  I discuss whatever I want, in addition to promoting my writing.  The good news is, two publications in two weeks!  "Ex This" and "Next Comes Marriage".   Links here: Next Comes Marriage Ex This

If you want the authentic experience of reading this week's  full issue, go to and download the PDF version.  New issues come out each Wednesday.

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