Monday, May 9, 2011


I wish it didn't take so long to hear back from the places I've submitted my work too!  I just sent out submissions for the first time in Jan/Feb and haven't heard back from most of the places.  I have received two rejections, both of the same story-- those were the only quick responses!  And I don't even like that story, I just decided to send out every short I had written recently so I learned my lesson on that.  I just did some edits of what I consider the best short story I've written so far "2014" and resubmitted.   It's my first experiment with futuristic writing, even though it's only a few years in the future, and it was really fun to write.

I wish that even my rejections would come faster, but I guess this is all part of the process!  I have made attempts to contact one or two places, to see if they had even received my queries, and if I hear nothing soon it will be time to resubmit those as well.  

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