Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little Break

After working on my last project, which I submitted a couple days before the deadline, I have taken a much-needed break!  I will work on finishing my next project, with a May 10 deadline, next week.  So far I've written the beginning, typed up all my interview questions, and also thrown around the other ideas that I'm going to write about in my head.  :-)

I had a dream about one of my characters last night.  Actually, I dreamed I WAS her.  And the way she interacted with her mother, who is a character that is mostly silent throughout the book, really freaked me out.  I felt like I learned new things about both people, even though I made them up!  I ended up writing more about this in a comment on Suzuhara's blog, but this was one of those dreams where every once in awhile you think about it the next day with a strange feeling.  And in this case a creepy feeling because my character (Dayna) has a really crazy mom!

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