Sunday, January 16, 2011

Waiting on Responses

I haven't been writing much lately, but I currently have 5 short stories out in submissions.  In the past year I have focused more on my writing class and told myself that first I should learn new things before seeking publication.  But right now I'm on a leave of absence from Long Ridge Writer's Group, and I am only half-way through the course.  The arrival of my son has convinced me that I shouldn't wait to complete the course before I get serious about making submissions on my own.  I'm making sure that the places I submit to are legit, but I'm not being picky about payment and things like that; the first step is getting my foot further in the door!

As far as my writing class goes, so far I love it.  It's affordable, you have online as well as snail mail interaction, you get several books, and also college credit, along with a one-on-one mentor who takes you step by step through the writing, editing, and submission process.  If anyone is interested, their web site is  

In just a few weeks, the results of the Writer's Digest Short Short Story Competition will be revealed!  I entered, as I have for the past three years now, and I'm excited to find out the results!

To writers:  what is your preferred medium for short story submissions:  magazines or anthologies?

To readers:  do you read short stories, or do you prefer novels?

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