Friday, January 14, 2011

A New Beginning

Hi!  My previous blog was deleted months ago, and I'm still not sure why!  But I have finally decided to return.  Right now it is a challenge for me to write because I have a newborn baby and have been recovering from a C-section, but I'm finally learning how to make time . . . and I'm no longer so tired that I need to sleep every single time the baby does.

This blog will probably be similar in many ways to my old one: I will highlight upcoming contests or submission opportunities that I find, review books, share writing tips, and comment on news in the book and writing world.  One thing I also plan to do that I never got around to in my last blog is to include some of my writing for others to see.  I write YA fiction the most, but also like to experiment with dystopian and social commentary.  In the past year I have begun writing GLBT literature for the first time.  I'm taking a course through Long Ridge Writer's Group where I surprised myself by making my focus non-fiction.  Today I will share the best piece I have worked on.  It needs more editing, since I was pregnant at the time I wrote it, but this is something I'm working on for submission. 

Alternative Conception


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