Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Building Me Up . . .

Today I got a rejection for a board book I wrote.  And I learned from another source that technically I should refer to it as a picture book and that the publisher will decide whether to turn it into a board book or print it in hardback. I chalked this up as another rejection experience and sent the book somewhere else!

And then tonight . . . I got some very good news!  The editor I queried with my article "Alternative Conception" said they will "try" to work it in with the series they are doing on the same topic I covered!  YES!  (Even though the "try" part is kind of daunting, it's not a rejection!)  Could this be . . . an acceptance?  A paying publication?  I have to send her a 1-2 sentence bio and a picture of myself.  I'll give more details when I have them!

I'm working on an a new article called: "EXERCISING MOMS (The Myth Explored)" and have also been editing Part Two of my novel.  :-)  Novel number Two is percolating in my mind and I've jotted down some scenes from the beginning and towards the end.  I love writing!

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